Fresh Meats

URM has a large array of protein products to meet the cut, grind, quality, and packaging specifications of our customers.  When you’re creating staples for your menu, or looking for unique items, we can source what you need from whole sucking pigs, halal and kosher items, to buffalo steaks and ostrich burgers.  We know that finding the right product is just as much an art as it is a science!

Our Fresh Meat Department meets your everyday and special occasion needs with full lines of choice and select-aged primal, sub-primal, and secondary beef cuts.  For those looking to upgrade with premium, natural, grass-fed, and/or organic beef products, we offer Sterling Silver, Hereford, Snake River Farms, Double R Ranch, Dakota 100% Grass Fed Beef, Painted Hills and Wild Sky brands.

If you need fresh pork products, URM features Prairie Fresh and Niman Ranch all natural (uncured, no sugar added, certified humane) as our “Never Ever” antibiotic-free options. 

URM has a full line of tray packed and bulk fresh Northwest-grown chicken items from Draper Valley: premium, natural, and antibiotic-free always, with free range and organic options available.

As a value-added service, URM partners with local and regional meat fabricators to provide handcrafted precise-cut beef, poultry, pork, veal, and lamb items.  Cases can either be layer packed or vacuum-sealed to preserve product integrity

And to cover your fresh and frozen seafood requests we have a local partnership with Pacific Seafood who provides wild and ocean-farmed fish, shellfish, smoked fish, and will cut fillets to specifications.

Contact your sales consultant to discuss details and pricing about these comprehensive programs.