UniPro Buying Power

URM partners with UniPro Foodservice, the largest food distribution cooperative in the world. There are over 750 Member locations which have unique access to enhanced purchasing opportunities, products and services. This network of independent distributors have a collective sales volume over of over $60 billion and enjoy unparalleled buying power.

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This allows URM to offer some great services, such as:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Payroll Processing & Tax Management
  • OfficeMax and Office Supplies
  • Cintas Workplace Services

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This partnership allows URM to offer our customers great services, programs and prices. 



Our distributor network provides quality foodservice products to over 800,000 customers nationwide. The UniPro network of distributors is dedicated to be your local market source for quality products and services. Strength in numbers enables us to compete with other national distributors.


The UniPro organization is the nation’s #1 foodservice distribution network.  This superior buying leverage is passed on to you. We buy better, so you buy better. It is also reflected in the high standards of quality in every case purchased.


UniPro Foodservice purchases worldwide from more than 500 manufacturers.  This guarantees we cover all your menu needs. UniPro is typically the largest or second largest customer to the industry. This gives you the greatest variety and guarantees quick access to quality foodservice products.